What is my Faith I have been asked.     I honestly answered that it was none for a while.  I was then asked what my religion was, and I honestly answered I had none.       Then it went to what do you believe?

I believe in two things only, and work towards faith in another which is a result of the first two. I have belief in Life and Love. When there is no life there isn’t anything, and with no Love why bother.

My principles for living and immortality are wrapped up in the following sayings.      Mind, Body and Emotion, in balance creates Spirit.  Life, Love and Truth, in harmony creates Integrity.    If these are healthy, and superimposed on each other,  Integrity and Spirit creates soul.    Life, Love and Truth in Harmony, put simply, is to live absolutely honestly, with absolutely everything, including yourself, your world and if not the universe.  If you have an honest relationship with the universe it will have an honest relationship with you.

Faith on the other hand, I work to have faith in people to be positive, evolving, intelligent and sometimes to do the right thing, as a whole. Some years I have my doubts.

Fear versus Faith. While most people’s faith is in a thing or dogma, it is my personal assurance of a life long practice. Life, Love and Truth in Harmony, with mind, body and emotion in balance, generating integrity and spirit respectively. Together this cultivates soul. Love, that principle tying it all together. Love as in an honest relationship with everything. Fear, moroseness, worry, hate/madness, and giddiness to me are all negative emotions, that erode energy from people. Respect, sadness, pensiveness, anger, and joy, give energy purpose, reflection, taking stock of what is, movement and focus. This innervates the mind and the body, and cultivates coherent spirit. What matters is if it is in balance with the mind and the body.   And if there is a lot of chaos, at least be in a dynamic equilibrium.

I normally don’t say I believe or have faith in anything, I either know or am working to know. My distinction is that faith is not something to have, but is a practice. The world and even its circumstances may go away. The art of being and being in a relationship with the universe, is not something to take for granted and to act like it is just is. It is like any relationship it has to be worked, and in the practice the proof is in the interaction and its mutual development. It isn’t the seed or the flower, it is the act of planting the seed perpetually. And for that it is about living fully, and fully engaged.

There are other metaphors that are equally apt.   It isn’t the destination it is the journey.    I say things like   it is not the artifact of things in a time or a place.  It is the process of being that is more important.   Take a chair, or any chair or thousands of them.  In time, they decay, break and fail to be chairs and cease to exist as a chair.  The art of making a chair, the building of a chair, the teaching of the building of the chair, perpetuates what the essence of what a chair is, for eternity.  So that in its fullness, a chair is.

Balance and Harmony,  spirit and integrity, is a discipline and a practice, that survives and contributes to a soul to build a vehicle for eternity.       This isn’t a faith, nor a belief, it is about being and not being an artifact.

If what people can understand is just this, the rest would be easy.     Getting you there and having a faith that people want to be immortal, evolve and be more than what they did yesterday,  bought today, or plan to control tomorrow, is a faith.     This is backed up and held sacred each time a person helps someone, becomes a better person, loves people,  places, the essence of things honestly, and does the right thing no matter what evil, chaos and destruction surrounds them. I will celebrate and hold sacred each of these things.  This confirms my faith in people and this planet.   This explains why I teach.  This explains why I am working on building a model community.   This helps me to Love.  This will help me believe in you.  This is how I want the Universe to remember and hold sacred in me.