Month: December 2020

Merry EuCharist MASS day

To all my studious and erudite friends of history and faith, Happy usurped Mithrasday. The Sun will stop standing still and proceed to make a longer day here, and shorter days to those who are south of the equator.

Glad that the ages proceed and the hope and faith of evolution from Aeon to Aeon continues, that we find the egg of existence ours the Phanes to make the evolved child ever our own featured future.

Grind the seeds and make good oils, an Eu charist, sanctify your efforts to build a better future and better selfs. Be the Eucharistos, show that word is what being Christian is. Each of us may be that perfection that fails but endeavors to reach new perfections, share it out the process, the will, the love for each other the world and the ways that you have learned and yet to learn.

The New age is ever here, in every day, embrace it anew. As an Eucharistos, be that savior we need, the world needs, even if it is one kind act a day. Standing up for what is right every day as one can. It is in us that we shall find not in some coming. We are the becoming.

Do what thou wilt shall be the Law, Love is the Law, Love under Will. Be it each and all. Be annointed.

Merry EucharistMass Day.